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5 reasons why every girl should follow her dreams

Some of you may know that I recently decided to start traveling full-time this summer. And as easy as it may look now that I made up my decision it was very hard and scary. The following points helped me take this leap of faith and are what I believe the ‘5 reasons why every girl should follow her dreams’.


scrabble - 5 reasons why every girl should follow her dreams

Overcoming your fears

In life, we are capable of so much more than what we think we are. Going after your hearts desires pushes you to overcome your fears of failure and embarrassment and helps you live a life of abundance. By breaking these barriers you set a new tone for your life and get to experience a new you.

Be inspired

There is nothing worse than feeling stuck in a situation that frustrates or bores you. When you dare to follow your dreams you are inspired daily to do better and put in 150%. Every little achievement will feel like you just hiked the Mount Everest and motivate you to go even further.

You are one of a kind

There are 7 billion people on this earth, but funny enough there is only one you. So no matter how crazy your dream sounds or if someone else already started a similar idea guess what no one will build it the way you would.

Upgrade your life

You don’t need to build a zillion dollar business in order to have made it. Maybe your dream is about creating a work-life balance that allows you to do the things you enjoy, like eating healthy, working out or traveling. By following your dreams you improve the situation you’re currently in and take your life to the next level.


Last but certainly not least – You Only Live Once! Ever thought about that? We are only guaranteed one life and the crazy thing is we don’t know for how long. So, why waste it doing something we are only half-hearted about. Do something that really makes you happy instead and live a life you can be proud of.

girl sitting in the grand canyon and overlooking the view - 5 reasons why every girl should follow her dreams

If you are in a phase that doesn’t quite feel right, but you don’t know your next step yet, I suggest you analyze your life critically and ask yourself what is holding you back. I’m happy with my decision to follow my dream and finally go traveling around the world this year. However, to really build my dream I need more guidance and that’s why I’m super happy to join the fitlifecreation retreat in Brazil next March to transform my life and learn about fitness, health and building a business. It’s a great way to connect with others and learn how to become an entrepreneur. The best yet is that #Travelbff members get a 10% discount on the retreat! So there is only one thing left to do – Follow your dream!

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  • Reply
    15. June 2017 at 17:50

    Great article! I decided to quit my job and travel for three months before going back to school. Like you said, it was a hard and scary decision but it was totally worth it!

    • Reply
      16. June 2017 at 9:36

      Yes once you dare to do it, it’s probably one of the best decisions ever!

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