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6 jobs for girls that love to travel

For some people traveling, means getting a break from everyday life. It serves to unwind, to discover a new destination and to have fun. For others traveling is a way of life that allows them to experience a new country and people. And what better way to immerse into a culture than living and working in it. So if you have been considering working abroad for a while, you will definitely want to look up these 6 jobs for girls that love to travel.


Au Pair

Probably one of the best-known jobs for young women that just finished school and would like to get an authentic look into a foreign culture is Au Pair. In the safety of a host family, you get to live life abroad in your new home for a period of time, while looking after a child/ children. Depending on the children’s age you get designated time off that you can use to travel around the region or country. If you are uncertain about whether you will be able to live abroad without your family, I suggest you look into or other agencies.

6 jobs for girls that love to travel

Work and Travel

Mostly known as a way of experiencing the land down under (Australia) or the USA, work and travel allows travelers to live and work in a country for a specified timeframe on a working visa. This option is perfect for travelers who want to live abroad more than to travel around. You get to build a life for yourself in a new country while gaining work experience and earning money. Check out companies like and to find out more.


English Teacher

Of course English is not everybody’s native language and that’s why this job isn’t feasible for all of us, nevertheless teaching English Abroad has become a viable option for girls that love to travel. In this position, you are paid to teach English as a foreign language at a local school abroad. Very popular destinations are Asia, South America and Africa which all vary in compensation and requirements, which can be found on a website like This is a real job that will oftentimes require a minimum time commitment of 6 to 12 months. A lot of travelers like this possibility because they still have a regular income and can use the time off on weekends and holidays to travel around the region or continent for less.

6 jobs for girls that love to travel


If you already possess work experience in a specific field and feel like now is the time to take a few months off, then this option might be more for you. A freelancer is a person that is self-employed and offers his expertise to business or private people. While in the past you would have to meet face to face with a company that you wanted to work with, it now changed and meetings are held over skype, contracts send over e-mail and tasks done online. Great websites like Upwork, and Fiverr allow you to find employers and work for them remotely.



If you want to have a meaningful experience and make a difference in a community, then I suggest you look into volunteering. As a volunteer, you will help local communities by using your expertise, time or physical capabilities. In exchange, you oftentimes get housing and food, but more importantly, you help to make the world a better place. No matter if you prefer working with humans, animals or on an environmental project, different agencies around the world such as will help you find the right one.


6 jobs for girls that love to travel


In recent years, workaways have gained popularity. In comparison to the programs mentioned before, workaways usually don’t require a long time commitment, are very flexible and can be organized easily by yourself. Great resources like,¬† and make it easy to connect with small businesses that are looking for some help. Especially for travelers who will often sign up for a few hours of work per week in exchange for housing and food, benefit from this new way of surviving abroad on a small budget.

This list of 6 jobs for girls that love to travel does not include every option out there and with a little bit of research, you will be able to find even more possibilities. However, if you do not know how to go about it yet each one of the resources mentioned above will help you get started.

Story by Justine from #Travelbff 

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