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A guide to Airbnb for female travelers

As a female traveler, we have different concerns and needs when it comes to our accommodation while traveling. That’s why I’m sharing with you this guide to Airbnb for female travelers.

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Airbnb is a community marketplace that allows people to book privately owned accommodations around the world. It offers a platform on which hosts and guests can connect and find out if they want to commit to a booking or not by reviewing each other. The platform offers multiple advantages compared to other lodging possibilities and here are a few of them.


You save money

Airbnb might not include the same amenities and facilities as a hotel room, but it will provide a little more privacy than a hostel dorm without breaking the bank. According to Busbud, Airbnb will offer dramatically lower rates than hotels in most capital cities throughout Europe. Depending on where you want to stay most listings will still provide proximity to all important sights in the city you’re visiting.


Home away from home

One of the unique features of Airbnb, that no sterile hotel or hostel dorm can simulate, is the personal touch. The majority of apartments on Airbnb are actual homes where people live; with their personal belongings like family photographs and favorite books and CD’s (Yes I’m an 80’s babe and still own a few CD’s lol). When you stay at somebody’s home you get to experience a very intimate part of your host and see life in the destination through them. You adapt a daily routine that includes strolling down small streets and using public transport. And the longer you stay the more you feel like you live there instead of just vacationing, which can be very rewarding.

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Live like a local

That brings me to the next point. When we search for a hotel or hostel we oftentimes choose the ones that are located close to tourist attractions, which means that we only see the ‘polished’ parts of the city. However, if you really want to emerge into a culture staying at an Airbnb with real neighbors and a supermarket around the corner is perfect. Because you get to live like a local and become part of the neighborhood. This is when you transition from being a tourist to being a traveler.

More privacy

If you choose to rent an entire home to yourself, you are ensured total privacy. The owner will most of the time meet you on arrival and won’t be back until you leave. This gives you the freedom to jump around in your underwear when you wake up in the morning or allows you to sleep in after a long night out without wondering whether the ‘Do not Disturb’ sign is on the door handle.

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Meet someone new

As a female traveler, we are often told not to trust everyone and have our guards up. I agree with that to a certain extend and suggest that you choose wisely who you are staying with (females only/ couples/ families) but also communicate to them before your arrival to make sure you feel comfortable. Nevertheless, people that choose to open up their home to strangers, are most of the time very open minded and outgoing themselves. They will do their best to ensure that you have a great experience by providing useful tips and information regarding the destination. Sometimes they will even offer to act as a personal guide and accompany you to some sights or show you the local restaurants and bars. So I say be open and willing to connect with your host, otherwise, you might miss out on a unique and fulfilling experience.

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Becoming part of the biggest sharing economy out there might not only be a good financial decision but also be a motivational tool to experience different countries and cultures authentically.

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