About us

Travelbff is a community of female travelers that believes that every woman should experience the world for herself, explore different cultures and discover the real her meanwhile. We believe that sharing travel tips, safety advice and connecting with each other can be inspiring and motivating and bring together women from all over the world.

We are a community of women born out of a simple idea – What if you’re not the only one that gets home after a trip and is ready to leave again?  We all love to travel and sometimes there is  no one available for a quick or long get-away. No one available to ask for the most social hostel, best Instagram-worthy locations or simply exchange travel stories with, that’s when a #Travelbff is needed!

Real Women. Real Travel. Real You. 

Why you should join!

We encourage you to come as you are, no matter if you prefer a luxury get-away, are an outdoor enthusiast, a city-hopper or country-side fanatic. Because there is beauty in all of these travel journeys and we invite you to share them with us.

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