Travel is much more than just some fun and exciting series of adventures, even though it often can be :). It is an experience that will fire your personal growth, a way to learn about yourself and the people and world we live in. And, most importantly, it’s a way to connect with people from around the world and understand other cultures.

At our events we want you to meet future travelbff’s and learn practical advice about everything travel. We will talk about trip’s ahead and ways to plan them. We don’t only want to give you advice but also help you meet other like-minded girls in your area, so you can have a support network of people to inspire you.

In May 2017 we held our first #Travelbff Meet-Ups in Düsseldorf, Germany and London, England!



And if you would like to connect with #Travelbffs in your area, make sure to join our Facebook group for female travelers.