The Team


Hola! I’m Justine, life enthusiast, new experience addict and everything fried lover. I’m from Düsseldorf, Germany also called the most beautiful city on the Rhine! I studied Hospitality Management, which kinda explains my love for travel and beautiful hotels. Even though I left the hospitality industry shortly after graduating I still have a passion for new countries and aim to visit as many as possible (17 and counting).

Girl sitting in front of the Duo Milano.

TravelBff was born through my frustration that most of my travel plans where falling through because I was constantly waiting for friends and family to decide whether they wanted to join or not. When I finally decided to overcome my fears and concerns about travelling solo and took off by myself for the first time I realized that all it takes to have a great travel experience are like minded travelers, whether you know them already or meet them at the destination.

I believe that women have a special connection that enables them to bond with each other and build a sisterhood.  My hope is that we can together create a community that provides all the information we women need when travelling either alone or with company. I want this site to be a place where we all can find useful travel tips, safety advice and be able to connect. So please contact us, because I am sure we all can learn from each other.



Hey, I’m Aliyah, I’m 26, I’m from London, and like the other two I love to travel – 22 countries and counting!

Girl at the Grand Canyon

People always ask me if I have a ‘real job’ as it always seems as though I’m on holiday, and I work hard to make sure that is always the case :). I love getting away, I love planning the holiday, counting down the days until departure, I study the trip advisor page for weeks before making my decision about where to stay. For me going on holiday is all about luxury, so don’t expect any backpacking tips or hostel recommendations from me- sorry! All of my holidays are curated from something I have seen in the Conde Nast Traveler, for me going on holiday is all about great service, fantastic weather, a beautiful hotel and amazing food.

Justine and I met about 6 years ago, when we were both living in Holland, and despite Justine living all over the world, we’ve managed to maintain a wonderful friendship over the year. We’ve been on countless adventures together and we’ve bonded over our shared passion of wanting to develop a business together, so one evening we decided to have a skype brainstorming session to figure out a plan! We knew we wanted to focus on an industry we were passionate about which is travel, we thought about what we enjoyed when travelling together, and that it was the opportunity to meet new people, and so the idea just evolved from that. Why not create a platform for women to connect with other women about their love of travel, and perhaps meet up with one another and ideally make a new friend!


Hi! I’m Eva, an adventurous girl that is hard to pin down and even harder to keep track of.

Girl sky diving

I grew up in a small village in the Black Forest, Germany. After being an Au Pair in the United States, I studied HR Management and International Business Development.

I always had a strong desire to travel and a sense for adventures. I started backpacking solo at the age of 15. During the trip to Cornwall I developed my second passion next to outdoor sports: Backpacking! Experiencing other cultures and being able to get in contact and bond with locals makes me happy, inspires me and enriches my life in many ways. In the last 12 year I saw quite a lot of the world through backpacking and volunteering (25 countries).

Getting to know Justine in my current job, we used to talk a lot about our passions in life and our different ways of travelling the world as a woman. Exchanging our experiences in our daily lunch break made us develop the idea of creating a network for open-minded and wonderful women who have the same passion than we do! I believe that women rock the world and I would love to make this an inspiring place for all of us!